Positive Psychology- Based
Life Coaching and Consultation with Chelley Rouda, MA,
The Even Happier Coach

Want help to create your ideal life? Success starts here.
Working With Chelley In a Group
Choose from weekly groups  Blue Sky Vision or Building Your Relationship House. Or maybe a monthly group like the monthly Soulful Sundown is just what you need to inject some positivity into your life.  Other group and online classes coming soon.
Working With Chelley Individually

Individual life coaching one on one in weekly sessions might be the best option for you if you don't know where to start, but know that something needs to change. We can do some assessment together and create a way forward to your ideal life. 
  1. Even Happier Coaching
    Learn your personal strengths and then use them to create your ideal life, becoming happier and healthier than you thought possible.
  2. Blue Sky Vision
    This Eight Week Course will guide to crafting Big Hairy Audacious Goals in every area of your life. Then draw out a road map with a timeline to implement your ideal life.
  3. Habit Change Coaching
    Change habits effectively tapping into the science of change. Want to quit smoking? Create a more physically active life? Change an eating habit? Start living sober? We can work together on creating change through all stages of your new lifestyle to make sure your new habit sticks!
  4. Your Relationship House
    Learn about creating a stronger relationship with your life partner and get to work on creating the love you want in your life.
  5. Customizable Packages
    Special rates available for combination individual, group, online sessions, phone session packages.
  6. Soulful Sundown
    Every month, we pick out one strength to go deep with and look at the research, how to best develop and use this strength. Guided meditation, refreshments, fellowship, learning, discussion, and fun abound in this monthly gathering held in the quiet space at Unity of Louisville, 757 S. Brook St., Louisville, KY