Rob's School of What's Happening Now

​​Rob brings a broad perspective to his life coaching offerings that is both practical and humanistic. He focuses on the issues at hand, helping you prioritize your goals as you figure out together how to achieve them effectively.

Rob's approach is fun, restoring your hope in your situation and your self, empowering you to do what needs to be done now.

Rob calls his brand of coaching and consultation the Robert Scott Young School of What's Happening Now. You won't waste time talking about your childhood or your mother or esoteric this or that. Just looking at what is important and TCB- or "taking care of business" as Rob puts it. 

 Rob's easy going manner and genuine kindness are sure to put you at ease in the coaching room. Rob retired from thirty plus years as a psychotherapist and clinical social worker after having run a head start program, a homeless shelter, a United Way, and many other community endeavors both in Indiana and San Francicso. An avid world traveler with a gentle sense of humor, Rob is open minded and says there isn't much that shocks him any more.