What Is Life Coaching?

... and other important questions
  1. What is life coaching?
    Life coaching is a service that helps you focus on what matters most in your life right now. Activities included in coaching include exploring the right questions, assessing where you are in life and where you want to be, helping you create an action plan step by step to get you to your dream life. You will have "homework" or action steps to do between appointments that are activities you choose with your coach to get you closer to your goals for success, health, loving relationships, or whatever focus you choose.
  2. What is life coaching not?
    Life coaching is not therapy- though it can be therapeutic and definitely promotes your personal growth.It is not selling you anything, like miraculous muscle building slimming protein shakes or an investment system in a multilevel marketing scheme. The only investment is of your time and energy in making changes in your life. It does not involve card reading or psychics. You will however, probably develop your own intuition and insight quite a bit as you become empowered and learn better how to create your ideal life!
  3. How long does it take?
    How frequently, how intensely, and how long you work with a life coach depends mostly on what changes you are wanting to make at this moment in your life and how much support you would like to make this happen. Most groups run a month or two in length while other groups can be ongoing. Individual work might be as few a several sessions or cold be ongoing if you find it helpful in creating the changes you seek.
  4. What issues can your life coaching address?
    Relationships. Parenting. Health. Energy level. Wealth creation. Self-regulation. Motivation. Habit change. Career. Educational planning. Life satisfaction. Happiness. Spirituality. Prosperity. Fidning more meaning in life. Strengths assessment and building. Life style issues. LGBTQIA issues. Stress management. More...
  5. How much does coaching cost?
    Rob's fee is $50/hour session. He also accepts sliding scale clients. Chelley's fee is $100/ hour session for individual or couple work. Group sessions typically are $50 per session, but vary by class. Discount available for purchase of a combination package of pre-paid sessions. She accepts sliding scale clients. Discount for Louisville Timebank members, students, seniors.
  6. Where would we meet?
    Our place. HQ" Happiness Headquarters is in Germantown at 616 Lynn Street. We strive for a casual, relaxing atmosphere that will let you focus on your session. Your place. We do in-home sessions. An extra $10 per session travel fee may apply. Other place of your choosing. We have met with clients on their boat, at a coffee shop, at the library, at their church, at a park. Travel fee may apply.
  7. I work during the day. Do you have evening hours?
    Yes. Evening and weekend appointments are available.
  8. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We take, checks, money orders. We use The Square to accept major credit cards through a smart phone if you are comfortable with that. Chelley accepts Louisville Timebank Credits as partial payment toward coaching, offering a deep discount to members of LTB
Take the first step. Send us your questions. Tell us what you would like to work on. We aim to answer within 24 hours. Let's get started.